Twin Cities Church

C U R R U N T   S E R M O N   S E R I E S

4.28: Dedication, Sacrifice, and Giving for Renewal

5.5: Help from the World for Renewal

5.12: Opposition from the World Against Renewal

5.19: Celebrating Renewal

5.26: The Inevitability of Setbacks and the Promise of a Better City


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T C C I S M O V I N G!

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TCC is moving to a new Sunday morning site. Starting Sunday, May 5 services will take place at the Wilder Center in St. Paul. Click below for more information about our move.

H O U S E   C H U R C H

House Churches are communities of believers that meet weekly for fellowship, communion, worship, prayer and study. House Churches can be found in neighborhoods throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.