We are thankful to God for how he has continued to provide meeting places for TCC throughout the years, whether in our homes or in the locations used for Sunday mornings. While some of our Sunday meeting locations have been more accommodating than others, they have all met our needs at the time, and we are grateful.

Our meetings at Murray have at times been challenging due to a variety of circumstances. Many of you know that Murray was not going to be available to us this summer due to construction. We have been looking for alternatives for several months, not just for the summer, but for a location that could serve us more reliably until God provides our own building.

We are very happy to announce that God has provided a place that meets this goal. The Wilder Center, located at 94 and Lexington in St. Paul, has recently become available on Sundays and we have decided to move from Murray to The Wilder Center until we obtain our own building, as God provides. The Wilder Center is an attractive, clean facility with a large meeting room and ample breakout rooms for our children and youth. Some features we will all appreciate are air conditioning, a covered walkway from the parking ramp to the building, and some storage. With the storage, we are going to try and eliminate hauling stuff in every Sunday. They also have a common kitchen/dining area that will work well for our Sunday morning hospitality.

The Governance and Elder Teams and some people who lead our Sunday morning teams checked out the space and were unanimous in support of making this move. We plan to start meeting at Wilder on May 5. We are working with the various Sunday morning teams to make this transition. We will provide updates to the House Churches regarding hospitality when we finalize what the new procedures will be. Please pray for these efforts and for God’s continued provision for our needs.