Moving To A Single Site


A year ago, after several years of growing unease, we started a team with members of the leadership, worship, and ministry teams to study the role of public meetings, assess what we were doing, and recommend strategies for improvement. The process produced clarity in our team about the purposes of public meetings and strategies for moving forward. Among other things, the team ultimately recommended to combine our two public meetings. After a season of discussion in our leadership teams, house churches, and a meeting of the whole church last December, we decided to move ahead with this recommendation.

We believe that combining into a single site will produce the following benefits:

  1. Strengthen the unity of the church in Spirit, vision, teaching, mission, witness, relationships, and our common life together. While we believe that we have a great deal of unity in many ways, we believe there are some definite areas to strengthen, and combining will help that.
  2. Strengthen, beautify, and energize what we’re currently doing. To improve what we’ve been doing (worship, preaching, children’s ministries, etc.) will take more staff, volunteers, and money. To burden already stretched resources on two sites would not produce desired results. Combining allows us to become more efficient with what we have and focus on improving what we do.
  3. Strengthen our public presence. While our public presence is largely our presence in the world through our everyday lives, where and how we meet publicly as a church is an important aspect of our public presence. By beautifying and improving what we’re doing, our public presence will grow stronger.

This is not a church merger, which are often associated with declining memberships and incomes. We have grown in both membership and income each year, and 2017 continues the trend. This was a strategic decision to enhance what we’re doing and become more effective. We trust that God will continue to work in us and fulfill his purposes for us, resulting in both numerical growth and spiritual maturity.

Since the Spirit called us to start Twin Cities Church, we have been specifically praying for God to meet our needs regarding meeting spaces and locations. God has been faithful over the years and we have always had places to meet that have met our needs. This time is no exception. We plan to start meeting at Murray Middle School in St. Paul on July 2. It is centrally located, is easily accessible from the freeways, has the rooms we need, is affordable, and is staffed by friendly and helpful people. While we started out with a different plan to lease a space, we found that spaces for lease were much more expensive than what we wanted to pay, especially for a short-term solution. Also, Murray doesn’t have air conditioning or space for storage. We would have liked these things, but in the perceived weakness of lacking these, we sincerely believe that God has answered our prayers and has overwhelmingly provided for us. We anticipate his continued leadership and blessing through the Spirit. Regarding the “weaknesses,” the building seems to be cooler than Jefferson (where Uptown has been for almost four years!) and we are putting together a plan for storage and transportation that will maximize simplicity and efficiency for those responsible for hauling the equipment in every week. We will be hosting an open house in the month of June for everyone to get a tour of the building before we start meeting there. Renee will post those details when they are finalized.

In moving to make this transition, we have established some specific things to pray about for the coming weeks. Prayer cards were handed out at our services on Sunday, and Renee will be posting them on The City for everyone’s convenience. Here is the list:

  1. Resources and Needs
  2. Murray Middle School Community
  3. St. Anthony Park Neighborhood
  4. Transition Period
  5. West Side and Uptown Neighborhoods and House Churches
  6. TCC Leadership

We are quickly putting together a summary of the needs the move will create and will be posting those needs. Please stay prayerful throughout this entire time for these things.

Additionally, please pray for the TCC Leadership as we pray and plan for the long-term aspects of locations, spaces, and buildings. This has been a change of strategy, and we need to think, plan, and act to provide the church with a flexible and stable long-term solution.

I am personally very excited about this change. As we have said, it’s a change of strategy for TCC, but it’s not a change of vision. We sincerely believe the Spirit is moving us this way, and there is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than being in line with the Spirit and following him faithfully. God calls all individuals and churches to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ, make disciples of Jesus Christ, and establish churches that reflect the truth of Jesus Christ in the world. That vision has not changed. We simply are changing a part of what we’re doing to more faithfully fulfill that vision. Our work in and through the house churches will not change, and we believe that they will also improve with this effort. Let us all move forward in gratitude to God, in love for Jesus Christ, and in anticipation of the Spirit’s work in us in the future!

On behalf of TCC Leadership,