Partner Organizations and Networks

Twin Cities Church partners with other organizations and networks to strengthen its own efforts and to help others build the Kingdom of God.

Twin Cities Ministries

Twin Cities Ministries is an umbrella organization enabling local churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area to cooperate together for common purposes to advance the gospel, make disciples, and multiply churches.  At this point, most of TCM’s work is to jails, prisons, and transition efforts for the expressed purpose of providing substantive evangelism and discipleship ministries to inmates, their families, and people coming out of the corrections system that desperately need the help that only local church families can provide in a long-term, familial context.


Acts29 is a network of approximately 500 churches united around the gospel of Jesus Christ and the planting of churches worldwide.  

BILD International

BILD International seeks to advance the building of the Kingdom of God by helping churches and networks of churches create church-based leadership development programs in order to meet the leadership needs of the rapidly expanding church.  BILD is also the founder of the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, of which we are also partners.

Mission 16:18

Mission 16:18 is a network of like-minded churches in upper Midwest that is based out of Minneapolis and led by Steve Treichler, Senior Pastor of Hope Community Church.  The network provides much needed support and friendship for young churches and church planters to get established.

Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches

The FGBC is a fellowship of approximately 250 churches in the US committed to the spread of the gospel and the planting of churches worldwide.