Multiplying House Churches

We believe God has called us to plant House Churches throughout the Twin Cities and that mature Christians of all gifting and capacity can effectively lead or support a House Church. In this way, more and more people throughout all walks of life can influence their spheres of relationships and draw people into the gospel of Jesus Christ and his family.  Through our House Churches and our Annual House Church Leaders Training program, many members of Twin Cities Church become House Church leaders that take on the responsibility of leading a House Church or providing support to the leaders of a House Church.  House Church Leaders enjoy the ongoing support needed from other House Church leaders in the network of House Churches to grow and strengthen their efforts long-term.

Planting Churches

When we have gathered enough House Churches into a common geographic area, we start a new Site Church, which is a cluster of House Churches that gather together weekly to worship together and devote themselves to the preaching of the Word of God.

Equipped for Ministry and Service

Jesus intends that all people who believe in him become mature disciples that minister and serve for the expansion of the gospel and the strength of local churches.  Leaders of churches equip the saints, not do ministry on behalf of the saints.  There are three critical and integrated elements needed to effectively equip the saints:

  1. Establish believers in the whole counsel of God
  2. Establish believers in churches where the Spirit’s calling upon their lives can mature while serving each other and meeting pressing needs inside and outside the church
  3. Equip and commend leaders who can shepherd God’s people and multiply disciples and churches

Twin Cities Church accomplishes these goals with the following efforts:

  • Each member of Twin Cities Church is part of a House Church.
  • In the House Church, each member works through the Maturing in Christ Series, which is designed to comprehensively teach and equip each member in the essential teachings of Jesus Christ that lay the foundations for a mature walk in Christ in service to the church and to the world.
  • EQUIP program, which is an in-house leadership development program that equips leaders in the context of ministry.