EQUIP Classes

The Equip program at Twin Cities Church is how we go about the training and equipping of households for maturity and ministry. Each year we offer courses and opportunities for continued learning and growth. Contact Amy Sleper (amy@tccmn.org) for more information about these classes.



After working hard and spending a few years getting established in the faith, we begin to see more clearly the needs of the people around us and we develop a strong desire to help meet those needs. We also immediately recognize that we need more training to be effective in addressing those needs. EQUIP II is designed to provide foundational training to equip TCC members serve a wide variety of ministry needs.

Dates: October through May
Format: One 2-hour Saturday meeting per month
Requirements: Recommendation of House Church Leaders; see TCC EQUIP Document
Estimated Time Requirement: 8-10 hours/month, including the 2-hour meeting
Teacher: Lawrence Simmons



The Message of the Bible

This half year course has two goals. The first is to instruct in the central message of the Bible. The second is to help participants develop the skills needed for a lifetime of study. The class involves weekly biblical readings, homework, and discussion. It is the first of three classes that equip participants to interpret the Bible and culture in order to grow increasingly effective in ministry efforts in our world. This is the same class being translated and used in our partnership in Portugal and Mozambique and is intended to support church planting and leadership development in those countries.

Dates: Fall
Format: Saturdays, 7:30-9:00 AM
Requirements: Substantial completion of the House Church Colossians and Ephesians studies and completion of  Equip II or recommendation by House Church Leader.
Teacher: George Stagg