Twin Cities Church


Twin Cities Church is a church of house churches.  Our vision is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Twin Cities and beyond by preaching the gospel, equipping households and leaders, and planting house churches that engage the city in love and good deeds.  We currently meet in St. Paul, and continually start new house churches in the homes and neighborhoods of our members.


Twin Cities Church started as a small group of 14 people meeting in a Twin Cities suburban town home led by a vision to start a church focused on loving and following Jesus and being His family.  TCC-Uptown started when George and Anna Stagg moved to Southwest Minneapolis in fall 2007.  The church met in their home until it started public services in early 2009.   Later that year, New Life Church of Woodbury, Betel Spanish Church, and Twin Cities Church joined forces to start a new church in the West Side neighborhood of St. Paul.  TCC-West Side began meeting in June 2009 at the Betel facility.

In July of 2017, TCC will combine to form one site in the Saint Anthony neighborhood of St. Paul. In order to strengthen the unity of the church in Spirit, vision, teaching, mission, witness, relationships, and our common life together, the church will combine to one large unified site.


All things in heaven and on earth were created by Jesus, through Jesus, and for Jesus [Colossians 1:16]. As people created by Jesus and joined together as a church through His power, Twin Cities Church exists for Jesus.  This means that we love Jesus and follow Jesus.

Why is Jesus so central and what does it mean to follow Him?

Jesus is the image of the invisible God.  He is what we can see, hear, and feel of God.  Jesus is the Word of God, present and active as the Creator of the universe, which was corrupted and made hostile to God through sin.  Jesus is the power of God in the re-creation and the reconciling of all things by defeating sin and death in His resurrection from the dead.  Jesus invites all to follow Him in the newness of His life of peace by believing in Him as the risen Son of God.  Those who believe in Him will find eternal life in the kingdom He will return to establish.

This is the gospel, which literally means “good news,” and we will proclaim this good news until Christ’s return.  Why is it good news?  Because as the only victor over sin and death, Jesus alone possesses the power to overcome sin and gives those who believe in Him the power through His Spirit to share in His victory.  This means that those who believe in Jesus will be less controlled by the sin that brings pain, suffering, anxiety, brokenness, anger, bitterness, and death.  This means that those who believe in Jesus will increasingly experience a life characterized by joy, peace, hope, love, and life.  This means that for those who believe in Jesus, death is only a passing into a greater experience of eternal life and peace in the presence of rather than a passing to a greater experience of suffering and death without Jesus.

The fate of all things rests upon Jesus.

The Spirit and the Church

The Church is the spiritual gathering of all those of every nation and race who have believed in Jesus as the Son of God.  The Spirit of God indwells each believer and unites them with Christ and the Father, making it the family of God, which the Scriptures call the church.  Churches are local expressions of God’s family and perform the central role in God’s purposes to demonstrate His wisdom, power, and beauty to all of creation.  Jesus is the Head of the Church and calls all Christians to live together as God’s family, characterized by unity, holiness, grace, and doing good to others.  In this life together, churches provide an attractive witness of Jesus to the world.